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About me

I share my learnings to help you grow your business faster

Growing up I was a big fan of all sorts of computer games, online and offline. That was the time of flashy websites and massive banner ads all over the place. Something I got told to better not click.

Five years ago I was introduced to the world of marketing and in particular digital marketing for the very first time. Immediately I was hooked and I realized how powerful those banner ads had been I have seen as a kid.

Besides taking up a job in digital marketing, I’ve spent most of my free time, improving my skills. Digging through tons of helpful content and building small niche websites to satisfy my hunger for learning.

Along the way, I have committed many mistakes and spent plenty of sleepless nights wondering how to increase traffic or increase the conversion rate within the funnel. In the end it was always trial…trial…trial that finally stirred the ship into the right direction.

I have taken up a new challenge, to build up the marketing department at Perspective Digital, one of the most promising young creative and marketing agencies in Berlin.

I figured that, the same way I was looking for help, there are thousands of people out there stuck with the same pain points. That is why I am sharing my learnings along the way, so you get a head start.

I am learning a lot and so will you.
If you'd like to get in touch, feel free to reach out anytime!

Sebastian Kull